Aedict 3 ⭐4

The only Japanese dictionary worth paying for.

An off-line english japanese dictionary which uses Jim Breen's JMDict (upgraded EDict)/KanjiDic2/WWWJDIC data along with data from the Tatoeba project.
Does not require japanese keyboard.
Internet access is used only to download the dictionary - the application itself works offline.

WARNING: Does not work correctly on some Galaxy Tabs 3, namely, the 10.1 Tab 3: users of 7" and 8" Tab tablets have reported that Aedict works correctly for them. Please do not buy this app if you own the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 device.


- allows kanji searching by parts/radicals, SKIP code search and by kanji drawing
- omnibar allows search by kana, romaji and/or english, german, french, Russian, Dutch, Portugalese, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovene, Swedish. Deinflects verbs automatically.
- powerful Japanese search: support for mixing kana and kanji (e.g. search for 見ため will also find 見た目), automatic vowel prolonging, e.g. しゅじん will also find しゅうじん.
- shows proper pitch accents for every word- optionally shows romaji instead of hiragana/katakana.
- supports Hepburn, Nihon-Shiki and Kunrei-Shiki romanization systems
- JLPT/Joyo Quizes, with a simple SRS/Leitner support
- You can store entries in a notepad and practice the notepad contents with notepad quiz.
- Shows stroke order kanji diagrams (courtesy of KanjiVG), allows jlpt/Joyo Quiz kanji draw practice
- Samsung multi-window support, Japanese Names Dictionary support, shows verb conjugations
- Dropbox, OwnCloud and Aedict Online integration
- Japanese font for proper character display
- Kotowaza sentences dictionary taken from
- Export to AnkiDroid
- Add custom tags and colors to any dictionary entryUPDATE NOTE: When updating Aedict, please also update all dictionaries, to gain access to the new features.Aedict 3 needs to download the dictionaries which is cca 200mb download - please make sure that you are connected to the WIFI to avoid additional charges. Aedict 3 cannot use dictionaries used by Aedict 2.Aedict 3 is based on Aedict 2.9 but introduces new Android 4 GUI. Aedict 3 works on Android 2.1 and greater.For more questions please visit

Paid: Paid
Mobile Application: Android
Web Version Available: Yes



Pricey but very good, and obligatory for aedict reader

by Butabanana 201 on April 20, 2018

A little expensive in my opinion (9,49 euros on may 2018 !) but a very complete dictionary, that goes with aedict reader.

Don't remember having paid that much at the time I bought it, don't know if I would do it again given the free alternatives (Tangorin) and the recent firefox addon Nazeka that covers the awesome popup feature that aedict reader, among other things, offers.

Edit : from the looks of it, namely the outdated review of the free version of aedict, aedict3 used to be 5 dollars at its beginning.